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10:10pm 26/02/2005
  it may not be as funny or as well written as david's, but FUCK YOU! Ahahah I ain't a regular writer!
Why won't this thing indent!?!~?!?!?
01:01am 26/02/2005
  Without any introduction (because I don't feel like it) here is the first chapter of my turk fanfic!

reviews: vanity fair and the notebook 
11:59pm 12/02/2005
mood: tired
Hm, I just watched vanity fair and I didn't mind it, until the end. Ok, So whassername eventually gets pretty much everything a person could want going for her including -the- most handsome sweetheart of a husband (this man is beautiful,OK, every other scene that he was in I wanted to throw myself at the television.) on the planet and then she just screws herself right up the ass. I understand ok, debt this blah blah, but C'MON! LIVE IN A SHACK!~ It's not like you didn't before! Really, I'm -SURE- if a person tried hard enough, they could find the money they need stashed away in the 700 kilos of jewelery and clothing they owned.
Yeah. I was really PO'ed at the ending. I was like " HIIIMMM!!???" Not to say a person couldn't see it happening. But honestly. And you could SO tell wasserface was pregnant throughout the whole thing, AHAHAH. Not that it would have made a difference if they'd have got a different actress to play her part, because the ending was half assed anyways. I mean sure, we want to deviate from the typical 'happy ending' syndrome that seems to be afflicting every other film there is, but that doesn't mean the ending has to be a heaping pile of dog crap either.
The other movie we got was 'the Notebook'. Ok, So, it wasn't -too- bad, but definately predictable. I suppose it wasn't really intended to be an unpredictable type of movie but c'mon, leave SOMETHING. It was obvious from the start who everyone was, what was going on, who was going to end up with whom and -again- with the ending! Ok, so it wasn't a horrible movie ( or ending) but way too predictable. Pretty much the best part of the whole movie was the clothing. The only things that were said throughout the entire feature were " That outfit is -so- cute!" " I want that hat!" and " Gawd! Where did those shoes come from!?".
Looking back on the entire hours of my life I wasted on these films, the highlight had to be between the two in which I had to clean up the huge turd my dog had taken and was in the process of eating. Yes, he hated the movies -that- much.
So, I would say, that unless you have something better to do, ( which I obviously did not) and I'm SURE you can think of something, ( like eating your own shit) then don't bother watching these movies.
08:14pm 07/12/2004
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02:31am 05/12/2004
  another from yours truly.
Lord of the Dance. Part one. Starring: Sephiroth and Zack.
total OOC ness. But screw you. I'm the one who drew it, so I can mess withwhateeeeever I want.
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*this is really small, I've noticed, when posted in LJ, so just go to photobucket.com, and go to: blotchythesquid album..or save it and zoom, though it's really blurry.
and a second note, in case you were wondering " WTF? why r those lines so crukid?!!!1!!" it's because I refuse to employ a ruler. That's right! Call me old fashioned, but i can't stand the sight o' those buggers.
....naw, I'm just lazy XD
09:28pm 04/12/2004
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a little something for you all. Part one of..currently two.
fuck you it doesn't make any sense. 
05:27pm 24/10/2004
04:34pm 24/10/2004
  Poncho, NO!: a StairwelL EmpiRe Informational Video.
Brought to you by:
The letter R, My favourite movie rating.
"Hey there, Billy!"
*Billy waves*
"Hey, Billy, what's that you're wearing?"
*Billy looks down, points to his chest*
" Is that a poncho, Billy?"
*Billy nods enthusiastically while smiling*
" Well, Billy, ponchos are WRONG!"
* Billy looks sad *
" don't worry, Billy! There's still a little hope for you!"
*Billy grins stupidly*
"Settly down Billy. I said A LITTLE ."
* Billy frowns*
" That's the spirit!"
"Now son, can you tell me why people wear ponchos?"
* Billy shakes his head *
"Well, I can tell you it's not because they look good, that's for sure! Ha-Ha!
* Billy laughs silently *
"Well, you see son, people wear ponchos for a few, very stupid, reasons. Reason number one is : they're homeless and pulled it out of the dumpster, or made it out of old blankets covered in feces!"
* Billy holds his nose and looks disgusted*
"Reason number two is: they're not quite fat enough to need a mumu to cover their morbidly obese body but still too fat to wear real clothing!
* Billy raises his hand*
" Yes, Billy? Why don't they just kill themselves instead of wearing ponchos and make the rest of us human beings that are even remotely intelligent happy? Well! That brings us to our next reason!
* Billy looks slightly frightened*
That's right, Billy! Be afraid! Because these 'individuals' think ponchos look good on them when really, NO ONE is capable of looking good in a poncho.
So, Billy, all you have to say to yourself if you find yourself too close to a poncho, or someone wearing a poncho is:
* Billy holds a pitchfork with a poncho on it*
" Great, Billy, there's hope for you yet!"
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11:37pm 28/09/2004
  Kay, I got a question. Is the rule of "no sex before marriage" exclusive to the couple who are getting married? I mean, would having sex with a married woman be sex before marriage? Us gays are just fkucked right up the ass then (pun INDEED intended.) If it were possible to get married, then having sex would still be a sin. So instead of getting married, couples live in sin....which in turn is probably a sin. If sex is only to procreate, then why can't gays have sex? It's not our fault that the lord almighty forgot to add a uterus. Two guys could be fucking and god shows up and says "you're not having relations to make a baby, you die now!" If that happened, the guys (if they were me) would most likely be saying "BAH! You're the ones who made us unable to reproduce, we've been trying for so long!" Then god would scratch her beard and say "ZNJ HVSJNJNJSNGZFLD." Hmmmmmmmm. Back to my original point. What was it again...?  
Us as Ninjas. YAY! 
06:42pm 28/09/2004
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10:56pm 27/09/2004
  Welcome friends, to the Kool-aid militia. Located in Teh Stairwell Empire. DO NOT drink the blue Kool-Aid, it is laced with viagra and will cause erections.